Frederick Reginald SELLS



Private 6398 Frederick Reginald SELLS.

Born: 1898. Bourke, New South Wales, Australia. Birth Cert



Died: 10th August 1988.

Father: William Sells.

Mother: Emma Sells. nee:.


Fredreick Reginald Sells enlisted with the 17th Battalion AIF on the 18th of July 1916 and left Sydney on board HMAT A29 "Suevic" on the 11th of November 1916 and disembarked at Davenport England on the 30th of January 1917. During the voyage to England Frederick was Charged 1/ Striking a Comrade 2/ Disobedience of Orders and forfeited 1 days pay. He was marched into the 5th Taining Battalion at Hollestone form Australia. Fred was admitted to the Military Hospital at Fargo on the 14th of February suffering from Influenza.Being discharged from Hospital to Depot on the 27th of February.

Fred was marched into the 5th Training Battalion from hospital after recovering from Bronchitis. He remained with the Training Battalion until he was transfered and taken on strenght with the 62nd Battalion AIF at Windmill Hill on the 28th of April 1917 before proceeding overseas to France to reinforce the 3rd Division on the 23rd of August 1917. He marched in the 3rd A.D.B.B at Rouelles, France on the 24th of August before being marched to the front on the 31st of August.

Fred was taken on strength with the 35th Battalion AIF on the 1st of September 1917. Fred was attatched to the 36th Battalion AIF on the 15th of September. Fred was admitted to the 1st New Zealand Field Ambulance suffering from an Inflamation of the Chest on the 4th of October 1917 before being transfered to the 12th Canadian General Hospital on the 22nd of October. He was discharged to duty on the 25th of October and rejoined the 35th Battalion AIF the next day.

Fred Forfeited 2 day pay for being absent on afternoon parade on the 9th of January 1918. Fred was transfered to the 17th Battalion AIF ex 35th Battalion AIF on the 1st of March 1918. Frederick was again in strife with the authorities when on the 12th of June 1918 he was awarded 7 Days Confinement for being A.W.O.L from the 08/06/18 to the 09/06/18. He was A.W.O.L again from the 22/06/18 until apprehended by the Military Police on the 02/07/18 and had to Forfeit 28 Days Pay.

Frederick was Wounded in Action 1st Occassion on the 8th of August 1918 and admitted to the 5th Australian Field Ambulance before being transfered to the 32nd Staty Hospital suffering from a Gun Shot Wound to the right foot. Fred was admitted to the 1st Convelesent Depot in Beulogne befor being transfered to the 10th Convelesent Depot at Ecault on the 5th of September. After his convelesence he has marched out to rejoinn his unit on the 16th of September 1918.

Fred was Wounded in Action 2nd Occassion on the 3rd of October 1918 receiving a Gun Shot Wound to the right leg (fractured) and admitted to the 12th General Clearing Station before being sent back to England on the 13th of October. Back in England Fred was admitted to the Red Cross Hospital on the 15th of October where he remained until the 17th of January 1919 when he was transfered to the 1st Australian Hospital.

After being discharged from hospital on the 25th of January Fred was marched to the No:2 Central Depot at Waymouth. Fred was granted leave from Waymouth but ended up back in the King George Hospital on the 15th of February. Fred remained in hospital suffering from his leg injury and was transfered to the 3rd Auxillery Hospital at Dartford before being Invalided and returned to Australia on board HMAT "Wandilla" on the 31st of March 1919. Fred arrived in Melbourne on the 18th of May 1919 before travelling to Sydney. Fred was Medically Unfit and Discharged on the 27th of September 1919.

Frederick was a single 18 year old Ships Steward (Labourer) upon enlistment. His mother Emma was his next of kin and lived at 21 Pashley Street, Balmain New South Wales. His Father William was deceased.

Frederick's British War Medal 71107 and Victory Medal 68224 to PTE F R SELLS 35BN AIF were aquired from a Medal Dealer in Queensland in February 2006 and are now in the Harrower Collection.

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