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Private: 196 Herbert Leslie RAINE.

Born: 10th April 1896. Hamilton, Newcastle, Australia. Birth Cert: 12955

Married: 1923. Wallsend, New South Wales, Australia. Marriage Cert: 11867

Wife: Ismay I Raine. nee: Carr.

Died: 4th August 1970.

Father: Thomas Raine.

Mother: Mary Jane E Raine. nee: Linton.


Herbert Leslie Raine enlisted with A Company 35th Battalion AIF on the 4th of January 1916 and was an original member of the battalion. He was recruited at the Broardmeadow Showground at Newcastle, New South Wales and left Sydney on board HMAT A24 "Benalla" on the 1st of May 1916 and disembarked in Plymoth, England on the 9th of July 1916. He was transfered to reinforce the 56th Battalion AIF on the 9th of September 1916 and taken on strength in France on the 8th of October 1916. Herbert was sent to Summer Camp in France on the 30th of August 1917 for 2 weeks r & r and rejoined his battalion on the 14th of September 1917.

Herbert was Wounded in Action with a gunshot wound to his right hand on the 19th of October 1917. Herbert was charged with being "AWOL" when on Active Service from 9.30pm on the 9th of November 1917 and was apprehended by Military Police at about 10:00pm and had to forfeit 3 days pay and sent back to rejoin his battalion.

Herbert was sent to the Canadian Stationway Hospital on the 10th of February 1918 sick, suffering from scabies and dermatitis before being sent back to rejoin his battalion in the field. He was granted leave on the 7th of June 1918 and rejoined the battalion on the 28th of June 1918. Herbert was again charged "neglecting to obey an order" on the 29th of January 1919 and forfieted 4 days pay before returning to England from France on the 16th of April 1919. Herbert disembarked from South Hampton, England on the 2nd of June 1919 and returned to Australia on the 19th of July 1919 on board "Beltana".

Herbert worked as a Cabinet Maker for Hamilton Murray Cabinet Makers of Newcastle. He was aged 21years and 8 months with a dark complexion, grey eyes with black hair. He was 5 feet 7 inches tall and was a Presbyterian. Herbert served for 1 year with the Senior Cadets and 4 years with the 16th Infantry Malitia. Herbert had been charged with "Riotous Behaviour" prior to enlistment.

Herbert lived at Waratah Road Broadmeadow, Newcastle prior to enlistment.


Herberts parents Thomas and Mary Raine were married at Newcastle in 1887 Certificate No: 6444 and had 12 children, 7 girls and 5 boys between 1889 and 1912. Ivy M Raine born 1889, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 30351. Mertyle L Raine born 1890, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 15989. Christina M A Raine born 1892, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 16411. Thomas R A Raine born 1894, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 15796. Herbert Leslie Raine born 1896, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 12955. Jessie E Raine born 1898, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 12516. Thomas H Raine born 1899, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 21474. Doris R Raine born 1902, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 12685. Iris D Raine born 1904, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 22642. James A Raine born 1906, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 14853. Dulcie M Raine born 1910, Hamilton, NSW cert no: 38982. William E Raine born 1912, Hamilton,NSW cert no: 29677.

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