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Private: 164 John O'NEILL.

Born: . Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia. Birth Cert:


Wife: nee:.



Mother: nee:



Informant; Private: 211 Albert George SMITH   Private: 100 Augustus HINDS a Signaller to A Company was an old hand - did not know his initials or number (known as Circus Hinds). At Passchendaele on 12th October about 12-30p.m during our advance has his leg blown off by shell and died at Dressing Station. Informant was told the above by Signaller Private: 164 John O'NEILL and others of A Company. Don't know where buried. He came from Newcastle.

Harefield, England.


Informant; Private: 164 John O'NEILL Re: Private: 100 Augustus HINDS late of 35th Battalion. He was in the same section as me and we were in camp at Ypres on the 11/10/17 and left the same night for the trenches in front of Passchendaele. He was detailed to go as a Bridage Signaler and myself as Stretcher Bearer and the following day I met one of the chaps that was with him and askedhow the boys were all doing. He told me young Hinds was up in the line with his leg blown off. At the same time our Battalion had orders to shift back to the old position and could not bringthe wounded with them. He was reported missing for some time and never came through as a Prisoner of War, so I cannot state what really happened to him afterwards.

The Canadians went over the same ground a few days later, and it is possible they may have found and buried him. He was 5' 6" and dark complexion. That is really all the description I can give you of him, but I have known him ever since I went into camp and was in the same Company as him up to the battle of Passchendaele.

Le Treport, France.

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