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Private: 50912 Cyril Edgar Maddox.

Born: 15th September 1899. St Peters, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Birt Cert:34691/1899

Married: 1920. Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia. Marriage Cert:17465/1920

Wife: Midfred H Maddox. nee: Seagrave.

Died: 1942. Canterbury, New South Wales, Australia. Death Cert: 25510/1942

Father: Edgar Huckvale Maddox.

Mother: Florence Gorgina Maddox. nee: Clamp.


Cyril Edgar Maddox enlisted with the General Garrison Reserve N.S.W. Reinforcements on the 7th of January 1918 and left Sydney on board RMS "Osterley" on the 8th of May 1918 and was later transfered to the 35th Battalion AIF, and returned to Australia on board the "Valencia" the 20th of July 1919 and was discharged from the A.I.F on the 8th of October 1919.

Cyril's Victory Medal:77745 to PTE 50912 C.E.MADDOX 35BN AIF was acquired November 2002 and is now in the collection.

Family Information

Cyril was a single 18 year old Farm Labourer from Geurie, New South Wales upon enlistment. His father lived at "Myall" Victoria Street, Ashfield, New South Wales. Cyril also served with the 42nd Infantry Malitia prior to World War 1. 30yh April 1930 lived at "Kathmai" South Terrace, Bankstown, N.S.W. He lost his medals on the train and requested if they could be replaced.

Edgar and Florence Maddox were married in 1889 at Granville, N.S.W. Marriage Cert:1136/1899 and had 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. Cyril Edgar Maddox born 1899 at St-Peters, N.S.W. Birth Cert:34691/1899 and died in 1942 at Canterbury, N.S.W. Death Cert:25510/1942. Bessie E Maddox born 1901 at St-Peters, N.S.W. Birth Cert:16870/1901 and died in 1907 at Granville, N.S.W. Death Cert:13818/1907. Hilda E M Maddox born 1903 at St-Peters, N.S.W. Birth Cert: 7130/1903.

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