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Sergeant: 1165 Carl Magnus KNUDSEN.

Born: 1893. Redfern via Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Birth Cert:31143/1893.

Married: 1919. Wickham, New South Wales, Australia. Marriage Cert:13270/1919.

Wife: Ivy Ethel Knudsen. nee: Gilbert. (18..-1974)

Died: 1949. Kingsford, New South Wales, Australia. Death Cert:2936/1949.

Father: Christian Knudsen. (Danish) (18..-1941)

Mother: Mary Knudsen. nee: Bourke. (18..-1940)


Carl Knudsen enlisted with D Company, 35th Battalion AIF on the 12th of January 1916 was an original member of the Battalion and left Sydney on board HMAT A24 "Benalla" on the 1st of May 1916 with the rank of private and disembarked at Plymouth, England on the 9th of July 1916.James was marched to the 9th Training Battalion where he remined until he proceeded overseas for France via Southampton on the 21st of November and was Taken on in Strength in the field.

Corporal: 1124 William Henry GLOSSOP proceeded overseas for France again on the 25th of April via Folkstone and was marched into Estaples on the 26th. He rejoined his unit with the 35th Battalion on the 1st of May 1917 and was promoted to Tempory Sergeant on the 7th of July when Sergeant: 1165 Carl KNUDSEN was struck off strength afer being evacuated when he was Wounded in Action Tempory Sergeant: 1124 William Henry GLOSSOP reverted back to Corporal when Sergeant: 1165 Carl KNUDSEN returned to duty on the 8th of September.

Carl returned to Australia onboard the HMAT A11 "Ascanius" on the 9th February 1919 arriving in Melbourne, Victoria on the 26th of March and was discharged from the AIF in Sydney 0n the 5th October 1919.

Family Information

Carl was a single Tailor/Cutter from Carrington Street, West Wallsend, N.S.W. his parents Christian and Mary Knudsen were married in 1891 at Wallsend, N.S.W. Marriage Cert:7849/1891. They had 6 children. Vera Knudsen born 1892 at Minmi. N.S.W. Birth Cert:22615/1892. Carl Magnus Knudsen born 1893 at Redfern, N.S.W. Birth Cert:31143/1893. and died 1949 at Kingsford, N.S.W. Death Cert:2936/1949. Evelyn Knudsen born 1895 at Redfern, N.S.W. Birth Cert:16336/1895 and died 1895 at Redfern, N.S.W. Death Cert:14067/1895. Walter H Knudsen born 1896 at Redfern, N.S.W. Birth Cert:25018/1896 and died 1928 at Hurstville, N.S.W. Death Cert:7894/1928. Eric Waldemar Knudsen born 1898 at Redfern, N.S.W. Birth Cert:6692/1898 and died 1971 at Newcastle, N.S.W. Death Cert:80617/1971. Olive "Clive" Christian Knudsen born 1907 at West Wallsend, N.S.W. Birth Cert:8700/1907 and died 1971 at Newcastle, N.S.W. Death Cert:81358/1971.

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