Kenneth George HARROWER (1930-1998)

9th Infantry Brigade AIF


Australian Defence Medal and Efficiency Decoration to LT COL K.G.HARROWER

30th Battalion A.I.F. NSW Scottish Regiment. Royal Australian Army Ordinance Corps.

Lieutenant Colonel: NX257323 Kenneth George HARROWER. E.D. - J.P.

Born: 21 May 1930. Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia.

Married: 19th September 1953. Willoughby, New South Wales, Australia.

Wife 1: Dorothy Emma Harrower. nee: Knight.

Wife 2: Edna Estelle Harrower. nee: Hardy.

Married: 1977. Dee Why, New South Wales, Australia.

Died: 7th August 1998. Nerringah Hospital, Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia. Death Cert:27691/1998.

Father: Flight Lieutenant: George Harrower. JP (1901-1996)

Mother: Florance Ethel Harrower. nee: Downton. (1903-1989)


Ken was the only child of George and Florence Harrower, born at Blacktown Hospital on the 22nd of August 1930. Ken was actively envolved with the Presbyterian Social Groups and was a religious studies leader. Ken went to Blacktown High School and was a Junior Flight Commander with the Australian Air League. Ken joined the Pubic Service in 1946, he enlitled with the 30th Battalion, N.S.W. Scottish Regiment in 1949.

Australian Air League. Blacktown N.S.W.

Junior Flight Commander. Australian Air League. (Blacktown)

Parade Card

Lieutenant Colonel:NX 257323 Kenneth George HARROWER. E.D. J.P. Commanding Officer Headquarters Communication Zone Royal Australian Army Ordanance Corps. Served and trained with the 1st Papuan Infantry Battalion 1968 Papua New Guinea.

The Papuan Infantry Regiment reformed in 1951 and consisted of two battalions, one stationed in Papua and the other in New Guinea. The PIR was formally controlled from Australia until Papua New Guinea’s independence in 1975. It was renamed the Royal Pacific Islands Regiment in 1985.




The New South Wales Service Meritorious Service Medallion (1946-1986)

The New South Wales Service Medallion is presented by the Premier and awarded to employees (both waged and salaried staff) who have completed forty or more years of meritorious service for the New South Wales Government.

CLOSING DOWN. QUEBEC 3 OUT. 28th November 1986

Dad joined the Public Service in 1946 and retired as Assistant Director (Administration) New South Wales State Emergency Services on the 28th November 1986 after over 40 years service in the New South Wales Public Service. Prior to his appiontment with the State Emergency Services he was the Inspector of Recruitment with the New South Wales Public Service Board. (Goodsell Building Sydney)

Kenneth George Harrower ED JP,

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