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Private: 3050A Harold GARNER.

Born: 1888. St Mary's, New South Wales, Australia. Birth Cert:30628/1888

Married: 1914. Penrith, New South Wales, Australia. Marriage Cert:15691/1914.

Wife: Louisa May Garner. nee: Ter-Bruggen.

Died: 1947. Auburn, New South Wales, Australia. Death Cert:24239/1947.

Father: William Garner.

Mother: Mary Garner. nee: Healey.


Harold Garner enlisted with the 7th Reinforcements, 35th Battalion AIF on the 6th of November 1916 and left Sydney on board HMAT A68 "Anchises" on the 24th January 1917 and later was transfered to the 36th Battalion and the 33rd Battalion on the 30th April 1918.

36th Battalion's last Parade before being disbanded. 30th April 1918.

Harold returned to Australia on the 12th of June 1919.

Family Information

Harold was a 28 year old Farmer from 32 Temple Street, Stanmore, N.S.W where he lived with his wife Louisa.

William and Mary Garner were married in 1873 in Sydney, N.S.W. Marriage Cert:1009/1873 and had 13 children, 7 boys and 6 girls. Mark Garner born 1874 at Penrith, N.S.W. Birth Cert:17687/1874. Julius Garner born 1875 at Penrith, N.S.W. Birth Cert:18101/1875. Mabel Garner born 1877 at Penrith, N.S.W. Birth Cert:18991/1877. Ida Garner born 1888 at Penrith, N.S.W. Birth Cert:20427/1878. Horace Garner born 1880 at Penrith, N.S.W. Birth Cert:22644/1880. Veva Garner born 1883 at Penrith, N.S.W. Birth Cert:26177/1883. Una Garner born 1886 at Penrith, N.S.W. Birth Cert:29078/1886. Harold Garner born 1888 at Penrith, N.S.W. Birth Cert:30628/1888. Stella Garner born 1890 at Penrith, N.S.W. Birth Cert:28253/1890. Willie Garner born 1891 at Penrith, N.S.W. Birth Cert:28757/1891. Mary Garner born 1893 at St Marys, N.S.W. Birth Cert:33633/1893. Athol Garner born 1895 at St Marys, N.S.W. Birth Cert:26689/1895.Dante Garner born 1896 at St Marys, N.S.W. Birth Cert:34645/1896.

(Brother Private: 5944 William Garner) 16th reinforcements, 20th Battalion. Killed in Action 11th August 1918. Coach Builder from Doncaster Avenue, Kensington, N.S.W.

(Brother Private: 2185 Athol Garner) 4th reinforcements, 45th Battalion. Killed in Action 28th March 1918. Tanner from St Marys, N.S.W.

Military Records

(Australian National Archives)


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