Alexander Douglas CAMERON (1889-1918)



Lieutenant: 224 Alexander Douglas CAMERON.

Born: 15th January 1889. Carndhu, via Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. Birth Cert:30923/1889.

Died: 4th of April 1918. Killed in Action at Villers-Bretonneax, France.

Father: John Cameron.

Mother: Annie May Cameron. nee: Finlayson.


Alexander Douglas Cameron enlisted with A Company 36th Battalion AIF on the 22nd of March 1916 and left Sydney on board HMAT A72 "Beltana" on the 1st of May 1916 with the rank of Private. Alexander disembarked at Davenport, England and went into training with the 9th Taining Battalion at the Durrington Army Camp at Lark Hill for the next four months.

22nd November 1916.

Larkhill. Troops entrained at Amesbury Station in three trains. 1st Train 7:47am Compliment-Officers 11 and 327 others, 19 horses, 8 hand carts, 3 4 wheeled wagons and 9 bycicles. Lieutenant Colonel: James William Albert SIMPSON. Officer Commanding. A Company Lieutenant: Herman Augustine ARNOLD. B Company Lieutenant: 3 Harry WOODHAMS. C Company Lieutenant: James Michael JULEFF.

2nd Train 9:15am-Compliment-Officers 11 and 327 others. 20 horses, 2 two wheeled, 5 four wheeled vehicles. Major: Archibald Clifford BLACKLOW. Officer Commanding. A Company Lieutenant: Richard Henry DOYLE..

3rd Train 11:am- Compliment-Officers 10, 326 other ranks, 20 horses, 2 two wheeled, 5 four wheeled vehicles. Major: Archibald Leeson PRINCE. Officer Commanding. B Company Lieutenant: 1376 William James GORDON.

22nd November 1916

Embarked "Caesarea" 24 Officers, 811 others. Embarked "African Prince" 8 Officers 168 others, 59 horses, 15 four wheeled vehicles, 12 two wheeled vehicles and 9 bicycles. Total 32 Officers, others 979 left Southampton 6:00pm. 1 Officer 75 others detailed as sentries and boat guard. 1 Sergeant, 1 Corporal and 20 detailed as Firing Party. 5 Sanitary Police and 10 men as Sanitary Party.

23rd November 1916.

Arrived at La Havre 1:40am. Disembarked 7:25am. Marched via town to No:1 Rest Camp arrived 11:40 am. Remained at Rest Camp, Le Harve, till 6:30am 24th November 1916.

24th November 1916.

36th Battalion, less 8 Officers 250 Other Ranks marched via town to point 3 Railway Station, Le Harve at 8:00am. Entrainied and left Le Harve at 10:30am. Proceeded via Montcrolier Buchy, Abbeville 6:10am. 10 hours late via Boulogne Calais and Bailleul. Arrived at Bailleul at 4:25pm 25th November 1916.

25th November 1916.

Detrained at Bailleul marched to billets at Merris district. Arrived at billets 10:45pm. Quartered in 12 billets. Headquarters at Hameur Farm.

26th November 1916.

4 Officers 100 men "A" Company arrived at Merris at 8:30am. Remainder of Battalion arrived at Merris 4:00pm. Hostile aircraft shelled overhead 2:15pm.

27th November 1916.

8 N.C.O's detailed to attend Gas School for 4 days. All Officers instructed in Box Respirator by Divisional Gas Officer. General: Alexander John GODLEY and Gerenal: Sir John MONASH visited billets at Hameur Farm at 2:30pm. Captain: John Martin HAWKEY. and 1 N.C.O. per Company visited forward billets at Armentiers.

28th November 1916.

Battalion left for Armentieres in 16 Motor Lorries. Whole Battalion reported in billets at Armentieres at 5:30pm. Headquarters established at 6:00pm Rue De Strasburg.

29th November 1916.

Whole Battalion still in billets-supply Working Parties Only.

30th November 1916.

Visited the front line on left sector of defences at Armentiers.


22nd January 1917.

Armenteries. Enemy started light shelling at 10:00am. At 2:00pm locality 16 & 17 was heavily bombarded also locality 14 which ended in a box barrage being put on at 4:10pm and an attack by the enemy from Pimple Salient. They entered our trenches but were only in 10 minutes. Our casulties 11 killed, 36 wounded, 4 missing. It is quite possible the 4 missing have been buried by Minnies.

14th March 1917.

Heavy Bombardment opened on locations 5-6 and 7 with location 6 badly damaged- over 900 Shell fired into area.

(36th Battalion war Diary)

On the 31st May 1917 Alex was promoted to Corporal when Corporal: 28 Ernest Claude BARTON was promoted and a few months later promoted again on the 12th June 1917 Temporary Sergeant vice Sergeant: 7 Reuben George PIGGOTT but reverted to Corporal 6th July 1917 only to be promoted again to Temporary sergeant on the 6th August when Sergeant: 80 Henry Carver EVANS was Wounded in Action and Struck off Strength.

4th-5th April 1918


The Strength of the 9th Infantry Brigade was about 2,250 but their casulties during the 2 days of fighting numbered 30 Officers and 635 men either killed in action or missing.

9th Infantry Brigade Casulties.4th-5th April 1918
33rd Battalion. AIF 3 Officers 82 Other ranks
34th Battalion. AIF 5 Officers 120 Other ranks
35th Battalion. AIF 9 Officers 282 Other ranks (including 44 missing)
36th Battalion. AIF 12 Officers 133 Other ranks (including 1 missing)
9th Machine Gun Company. AIF 1 Officer 18 Other ranks (including 4 missing)

Alex was Killed in Action on the 4th of April 1918 at Villers-Bretonneax and is remembered with honour and is commemerated in perpetuity by the Commonweath War Graves Commission at the Crucifix Corner Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneaux. Villers-Bretonneux, France.

Left; Lieutenant: 224 Alexander Douglas Cameron with fellow officer 0f 36th Battalion. (France circa 1918)

(Studio Photo, Julie Staplehurst. Woodmanstering, Surrey, England)

Officers, 36th Battalion. Meteren, France. 24th January 1918.

Lieutenant: Alexander Douglas Cameron. (Middle row; second from right)

(Information provided from Ally McRae)

Armidale War Memorial

Family Information

Alexander was a single 27 year old Engineer from Hillgrove, N.S.W. upon enlistment. His parents John and Annie May Cameron were married in 1883 at Armidale, N.S.W. Marriage Cert:6440/1883 and had 10 children.

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